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The demarcation of the inside and outside is clear in case of human beings. A tree may not agree with this idea of the inside and outside. Let us look at the reason. Trees have a special thin cylindrical layer of cells close to its bark. Scientists call this the “Vascular Cambium”. Scientists have recently identified this layer to be no wider than the tip of a needle. These cells are like the human stem-cell. Some of them turn into tree bark cells. Others turn into xylem or the real wood cells. A tree is valuable as a building material because of the xylem cells/ But more important to a tree is the needle thin layer of intelligence!

Inside and Outside - in the case of a Tree
Vascular Cambium – tree intelligence is very thin!

In summary, a “thin” cylinder of cells is the source of vibrancy in a tree. This is the store house of genetic intelligence within a tree. Such a cylinder alone decides if a newly formed individual cell will grow inward (xylem side) or outward (bark side). The trunk of a tree widens because of this layer Similarly, the tree branches out because of this layer. Certainly, this cylinder of intelligence also keeps widening. What about the cells which are not a part of this thin cylinder?

The tree bark is like our nails and hair. Firstly, the tree bark is a part of a living entity. Secondly, our nails and hair scan neither be called lifeless or living. In contrast, every other cell in the human body is a living entity. The Vedic tradition recognizes the unique nature of the nails and hair. Therefore, it attribute a class of beings to the hair of Brahma, the creator. In one story, a demon receives a boon that no instrument which is lifeless can bring his destruction. This smart demon included another clause to this boon. Nothing with Prana, or life force energy could kill him. Ultimately, he died by the sharp claws of an Avatar of Vishnu.

The Xylem, the inner core of the tree is filled with minimum functional intelligence. Secondly, this intelligence is just sufficient to transport of nutrient rich water from the roots to branches and leaves. Therefore the cells here too have low levels of Prana and consciousness. Thus, consciousness exists in its full vibrancy in the Vascular Cambium cells

Mother Earth, Father Sun!

The creative force in a forest can be pictured as hundreds of thousands of such cylinders. The earth awakens this force in every germinating seed. Subsequently, the earth and nature supplies atoms for the seed to manifest into a tree. Certainly, the energy from the Sun plays a big role in the process. Is the Sun or the Earth responsible for the flourishing intelligence in the Vascular Cambium? Native Americans honor both. Their phrase “mother Earth and Father Sun” carries more meaning in the context of the think cylinder of intelligence in each tree. 

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