Biologists are fascinated by the human cell, the smallest unit of human life. Many organelles function inside the cell being enclosed within their own protective membrane. It is as if the cell is a federation of independent functional blocks. A federation needs a central authority and the thought of the the cell Nucleus being that is natural because of its name. But the Nucleus is only the repository of human DNA. The center of a cell consists of a cylindrical hollow formed by 27 micro-tubules. Microtubles organize the space within a cell, dictate the location of the organelles and facilitate the movements of complex molecules within a cell.

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Our connection to the universe through space in our cells 
The central hollow surrounded by 27 microtubules plays a major role during cell division. The hollow of a microtubule has a suitable refractive index and is just a few namo meters wide to serve as a waveguide for electromagnetic radiations. Neuoscientists such as Hameroff and Penrose who are searching beyond the bounds of classical physics for explanations to certain facets of human consciousness are encountering the possibility of quantum fields within the hollow space inside a microtubule. Such research is leading them towards the hitherto unexplained source of EEG rhythms which are widely used in modern medicine. A team of scientists lead by Bandhopadhyaya are even ready to show that vibrations from microtubules in the brain can be coupled to play Indian musical instruments producing anharmonic sounds.
Vedic texts state that the microcosm is a mirror of the macrocosm – “Yad Pinde tad Brahmande“. It is interesting that a parallel to the very core of the human cell is found in Vedic astronomy. Vedic astronomy divides the sky into 27 equal portions as seen from the earth as the center. The Vedic diety Soma is associated with revival and renewal. Soma sacrifice contains an interesting segment which glorifies the riddle of a lost Soma being brought forth from the 13th month which is not easy to know. Every microtubule is made up of 13 thin microfilaments. Gandharvas are said to have hidden away Soma and they barter him for a maiden. The Gandharvas are known to be 27 in number and are famous for their libido and music.
Even today scientists use analogies to explain inventions to the common folk. The latest example is that of the discovery of cosmic inflation reported a week back. Scientists use the phrase “pot of pasta pot boiling over” to describe the multiverse. Similarly the Vedic Rsis or seers resorted to anthropomorphic description of various dieties, riddles to convey certain universal principles and rituals to keep their knowledge lively for future generations.

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