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SKY Breath Meditation


Introductory sessions

Introduction to the Part 1 program

First Wednesday of Month – 6pm-7pm pacific

Introduction to the Sahaj Samadhi Meditation

Third Wednesday of Month 6pm-7pm Pacific

Silence Retreat (Part II)

Why take a few days out of your busy life for a Silent Retreat?

The Silent Retreat is a wonderful mix of restorative breathing practices, daily yoga, deep wisdom, silence, and powerful guided meditations. Many people report remarkable shifts during the retreat—renewed perspective, fresh insight, a clearer mind. These few days also make the rest of your year more alive, productive, and full of energy. When you emerge, you feel centered and refreshed, ready to take on life with greater focus and joy.

The retreat is an ideal way to reconnect with your practices and the experience of SKY Breath Meditation and take your energy to another level.

Discover just how refreshing silence can be
A renewal in mind, body, and spirit

The practice of silence—of consciously withdrawing our energy and attention from outer distractions—has been used in different traditions for thousands of years as a pathway to physical, mental, and spiritual renewal. On the retreat, you experience an extraordinary sense of peace and renewed vitality, that will increase your resilience to stress and enhance your ability to thrive.

Create shifts in your life

The Silent Retreat can help you drop limiting beliefs, regrets, and worries, bringing you more fully into the present moment and into a bigger vision for yourself. You may find a joy that is unshaken by outer circumstances.

Find freedom from the mind’s chatter

Many people may find it challenging knowing how to quiet their mind. The Silent Retreat provides optimal conditions for sinking deep within and breaking free from mental chatter. Your entire day is carefully guided and crafted to give you as relaxing and transformative an experience possible. It’s no wonder that many retreat participants refer to it as the ideal vacation for body, mind, and spirit.

SKY Breath (Part I)

Breathe your stress away with this evidence-based practice. Using the science of breath, you can raise your energy, manage your emotions, and find lasting ease…so you’re ready to face your day. Every day!

How it works

Clear stress from every cell of your body

SKY Breath Meditation, the most powerful breathing technique of our time, uses specific, natural rhythms of the breath to deeply clear more than 90% of the toxins and accumulated stress tension on a cellular level. Removing all the negativity from your entire system, leaving you restored, clear, and energized.

Unlock your freedom & joy within

Like atoms, our central core is positive. The electrons, or negative charge, are only on the surface. Since positivity is within you, it’s not something you have to learn or get. On the contrary, through specific breathing techniques, you can drop stress and negativity. Then you naturally connect with your positive core—energy, ease, and clarity.

Transform your life

With the inner freedom you’ll gain from this practice, you’ll be able to:

  • Take action & feel empowered
  • Handle stressful situations with ease
  • Connect more deeply and easily with others
  • Improve life-work balance
  • Attract the things you want
  • Heal your mind and body
  • Release old patterns and habits
  • Feel empowered to make positive change in your life.

Sahaj Samadhi Meditation

Meditation is easier than you think

Meditation doesn’t need to be difficult, either to learn or to practice. In fact, it’s probably easier than you think. And the science shows that meditation helps you feel and perform better in all areas of life from lowering stress to improving relationships, from sleep to overall health. Who wouldn’t want that?

A powerful way to meditate, naturally

You’ll learn a practice called “Sahaj Samadhi Meditation”. Sahaj means effortless. Samadhi means a state of true meditation. Simply put, it’s an effective, personalized way to easily enter into a deep meditative state. Using the power of ancient sound, or mantra, you can effortlessly cut through mental chatter and connect with a state of deep rest and relaxation.

What makes Sahaj Samadhi Meditation unique?
  • Perfect complement to deepen and strengthen your SKY practice
  • Classes capped at 10 people for personal attention
  • Learn a personalized meditation practice with a certified instructor. All instructors have a minimum of five years prior teaching experience. So you’re in good hands!
  • Easy to learn, yet effective

The research behind meditation

From the cover of Time Magazine to more than 3,000 scientific studies, the benefits of meditation are becoming clearer and clearer. Sahaj Samadhi itself has been shown in independent research to significantly reduce anxiety and depression. Here are just some of the scientifically validated benefits of meditation:

  • Experience deeper sleep : Nix insomnia and have deeper, more restorative sleep.
  • Decrease anxiety and increase happiness : Meditation increases activity in those parts of the brain responsible for happiness and other positive emotions.
  • Improve mental focus : Meditation has been associated with increased blood flow to the brain and increased activity in the brain region responsible for mental focus and executive function.
  • Promote longevity : Quieting the brain through meditation helps you live longer. Meditation slows the shortening of telomeres (the caps at the end of our chromosomes). Longer telomeres mean slower aging.
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