Self-confidence and Self-worth together bring a sense of fulfillment in life. Certainly, we feel more Self-confident in activities we are good at and less in others. However, confidence in those activities which matter to us the most is crucial. Psychologists say that a high sense of self-worth, overall, is important. What are the challenges to feeling worthy?

Do we know what matters to us the most? Our hectic lifestyle leaves us little time to analyze this. In addition, we often tie our self-worth to our achievements. This is because society is more competitive today than a decade earlier. Together, these two factors create a cloud of dissatisfaction, a vague feeling of not good enough. Consequently, negative emotions ensue and gradually wear down our body and mind. Therefore, Mind-body work is a necessity today. How does mind-body work benefit us?

There is a general premise behind any mind-body work. And this is that it boosts our sense of self-worth in subtle ways. This works because our Self is much more than our a) achievements, b) social circle, c) net worth, and d) what we do. In Yoga parlance, mind-body work is a Self-discovery or a Self-Worth discovery journey. On this journey, we train to value ourselves like we ought to be valued. Additionally, a daily resurgence of Prana (life force energy) uplifts our Self-confidence.

SKY Breath Meditation

SKY Breathing is a unique mind-body tool. Secondly, this tool suits people who feel strapped for time but feel that there must be more to life. SKY Breath clears the mind of its cloud of dissatisfaction from day One. A rediscovery of the natural soothing rhythms of the breath makes this possible. Breathing to specific rhythms for a few minutes is a hallmark of the acclaimed Sudarshan Kriya. Continuing this practice for a few days reduces stress marker chemicals in the body. SKY Breath researchers in several continents attest to this. Significant changes set in over a period of a few weeks.

Learning SKY Breath under the guidance of an instructor

Are you ready for a journey of self-discovery? Why not begin this Journey under the guidance of a certified instructor? Later, you can continue on your own after gaining some confidence.

My name is Krishna Ramadas (more about me on my web page). I am a certified instructor of the SKY Breath technique. My wife Suchitra and I conduct these workshops together. We are both trained under Sri Sri Ravishankar, a global humanitarian and a renowned spiritual master. We have been teaching this program for the past 15 years. Why not attend one of our free online introductory sessions? (check the list here)

Rediscover your Self Worth

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