Self confidence and Self worth together create a sense of fulfillment in life. It is but natural that we are more Self confident in activities we are good at and less in others. Therefore, our confidence in the activities in your life that matter to you is is very important. Equally important is a high sense of self-worth overall. But often, modern lifestyle leaves us little breathing space to know what matters to us most. Besides, competitive workplaces and communities nudge us to tie our self worth to our achievements. This can create a cloud of dissatisfaction and negative feelings within us. In addition, these can weigh down our mind and body. Certainly, some proper mind-body-breath work can help here.

The premise behind any mind-body work is that it acts by boosting anyone’s sense of self-worth in a subtle way. It is important to remember the fact that your Self is more than your achievements, your social circle, you net worth and what you do. In Yoga parlance, mind-body work is a journey of Self discovery. This journey can certainly leads you to valuing yourself like you ought to be valued. Your self confidence returns with the daily resurgence of Prana (life force energy).

SKY Breath Meditation
SKY Breath is a mind-body tool based on breathwork. Besides, this tool is for busy people who feel that there must be more to their life. SKY Breath clears their minds from day one through the gentle rhythms of the acclaimed Sudarshan Kriya. Already, researchers in several continents have identified the significant effect of this breath work on important stress marker chemicals in the body. See what the scientific research shows…

Are you ready for a journey of self-discovery? It is best to begin this Journey with the guidance of a certified instructor. Later, you can continue the practices on your own. I can guide you. My name is Krishna Ramadas. You can know about me on my web page. In summary, I am a certified instructor of the SKY Breath technique. My wife Suchitra and I conduct these workshops. We both trained under Sri Sri Ravishankar, a global humanitarian and a renowned spiritual master. We have been teaching this program for the past 13 years.

Rediscover your Self Worth

In the last three years, how much have you spent on home improvement? How much have you spent on coffee, or at the bar? How much is your Self-Confidence worth? Imagine you are not living your life as a pursuit of happiness, but rather as an expression of happiness! Pause for a few moments and just think about this. See what participants have shared about the SKY breath practice

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3 sessions of 2.5 hours

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