Krishna Ramadas

I began my search for holistic practices twenty years ago when my physician suggested me to find complementary ways to manage my stress. I was surprised by the resilience of my body’s healing intelligence when I began a daily practice of Breathing and Meditation. After seven years of practice, I became inspired to share these techniques with others and trained to be a certified instructor. I have been conducting monthly workshops for the past thirteen years.

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Five years ago, I began researching texts which detail the mechanics behind mind-body healing. My background as an engineer helped me to systematically document my findings. I am thankful to my Guru and guide Sri Sri Ravishankar for his encouragement to publish my findings as books. It is indeed a privilege to have an eminent Master on Meditation and Consciousness pointing you to less explored but crucial texts on the topic. You can find brief excerpts from my ongoing discoveries on my social media handles.

“When we shut off the mystery or awe factor in life, we not only curtail growth but also unknowingly make life mechanical.” Sri Sri Ravishankar”

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