Conscious Cosmos

Nature, with her intelligence, created humans



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Before the advent of telescopes, astronomers in India divided the sky into twenty-seven equal parts. Subsequently, they could determine the precise position of the Sun by observing the movement of the Moon through these divisions. In addition, Rishi seers discovered several startling facts about these divisions through cognitive insight.  Buy on Amazon
A Book revisiting a Mantra which was translated
Space is the ultimate container in existence. We can infer three such containers when we see the Cosmos as “Conscious.”. The physical space of matter rests within a subtler space of concepts which itself rests in the void of undivided consciousness. Vedic seers explain phases in the creation of the universe in light of the knowledge related to these three containers.. Buy on Amazon
Under the assumption of the cosmos being intelligent, an “Observer” has as important a role as the “Scenery.” Indeed, a scientific model of such a cosmos would have new building blocks! Siddhar master name these building blocks Tattvas or foundational principles. Using them, Siddhars could convincingly explain mystical and ethereal Yogic experiences. Buy on Amazon
Altered states of consciousness has become a popular topic of research. Centuries earlier, the Siddhar practitioners of India explored and documented ways to achieve expanded awareness. They used a combination of Yoga, herbs, metals, minerals, yantras, and mantras to enter altered states of consciousness. Siddhar Agasthiyar, in his text Paripooranam 1200, says that a spiritual seeker can expand his awareness, stepwise, in seven stages. Buy Online
Paripooranam 1200: A Translation of Agasthiyar's work with notes by [Krishna Ramadas]

The Author shares information in his books on his Blog. Please visit the Author page for more information about the book writing journey of Krishna Ramadas. The author also teaches breathing practices and Meditation techniques to recharge the mental energy. You can find more information on this link.

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