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A piece of Zirconium – Beginning of Life on Earth

A Zirconium crystal can tell its own age. One such crystal specimen from Australia gives a puzzling picture of when water arrived on Earth. This challenges assumptions about life on earth.

During formation, a Zirconium crystal accumulates less on more Titanium atoms based on the temperature. Firstly, geo-chemists recently discovered a piece of Zirconium, almost as old as planet Earth. This crystal was inside a hard rock in hilly western Australia. Secondly. Geologists say that the planet earth formed about 4.5-4.6 billion years ago.

Zirconium crystal = Life on Earth

Geochemists Watson and Thomson say that the above crystal formed at temperatures around 680 degrees Celsius. They assert this based on the amount of titanium in the crystal. Secondly, there is one more interesting factor. These crystals can form only in the presence of water. Therefore, the discovery of the zirconium specimen is exciting. Earth had surface water right from the beginning!

Surface Water and Asteroids

All scientists consider surface water a good sign of life. Prior to this discovery, scientists estimate life on planet earth to be 3.5 billion years old. Besides, Cyanobacteria is one of the earliest life forms on earth.

Scientists have held a different idea about the creation of life on earth thus far. In summary, they associate the first life form on earth to asteroids carrying huge quantities of water. The discovery of a tiny Zirconium crystal challenges this idea. Astronomers continue to look for signs of water on exo-planets. This will confirm the fact that life elsewhere in the universe. We notice life emerging in the most inhospitable spots on planet earth in the presence of water. Consequently, “life will find a way” is a commonly accepted axiom.

Life will find its way! How?

The Zirconium specimen challenges the idea that life hitch-hiked on asteroids. Afterall, life maybe native to planet Earth. However, what kind of intelligence triggered the formation of life on planet earth? Is there some dormant intelligence (DNA blueprint) which conducive surroundings can activate? Surely, the presence of surface water and presence of sun light are two aspects of a conducive surroundings. Where can this dormant intelligence hide? What aspects of our intelligence is derived from nature’s dormant intelligence from 4.5 billion years ago?

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