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The mind and Entropy

Entropy is a word which is popular among scientists. Scientists say that air molecules more chaotically as the temperature rises. On the contrary a crystalline substance has low entropy due to the orderliness among the molecules within a crystal. The word Entropy can also be applied to the human mind. A worried mind is at a higher entropy due to the increased number of thoughts. However, a relaxed mind has less thoughts. According to the law of thermodynamics – Entropy in the universe keeps increasing. However, there are zones of low and high entropy within the universe. The Rishi seers of the Indian civilization conveyed the complementary nature of low and high entropy as the metaphor of Agni and Soma. The accompanying web story illustrates this nicely.

Scientists are fascinated by entropy in Crystals like a diamond. Crystals in one sense does not follow an important law of thermodynamic. Certainly, they appear to be violating this law. Diamond and charcoal are made up of carbon atoms. However, the entropy in charcoal is higher than in a diamond. A diamond too forms from carbon. What happens to the entropy in carbon in the process? Is the entropy lost? Scientists say that the charcoal emits heat in the process of forming a diamond. This heat contributes to entropy in the atmosphere. Therefore the law of entropy can not be applied to a closed system. This law is applicable in a cosmic scale.

What happens to a meditating mind which drops its chaotic thoughts and comes to a focus? Is it also contributing its entropy to the universe? This is an interesting question. Agni influence decreases and Soma influence dominates when the universe absorbs entropy. The head and the body feel cool when entropy drops. Having a meditation practice is an asset.

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