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Connection between Primordial Prakriti and Plasma

It is necessary to search across mantras to understand scientific ideas in the Vedas. The Hiranya Garbha Suktam, for example, adds details to an important idea in the Nasadiya Suktam. The Nasadiya Suktam tells us that the Devas did not appear till the diversity phase in creation. The Suktam leaves us with a question regarding cosmic mind. The Hiranyagarbha Suktam picks up this thread. Nasadiya Suktam does not provide a name for the consciousness which saw the birth of the universe. We find its name in the Hiranyagarbha Suktam. The video presents the sequence of events per Inflation cosmology in context of the birth of Devas. Matter as we know appeared when CMB filled the universe. The universe remained in total darkness for 300-500 million years. Nasadiya Suktam also talks about the creation of matter. It uses theterm Mahimana or the root element of creation. Radiation accompanied the creation Mahimana as per Nasadiya Suktam also. Nothing much happened for 300

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Leafness of a Leaf per Yajur Veda

While researching for my book “Beyond Space and Beyond Matter”, I came across the approach of understanding words from constituent letters. Each letter in Sanskrit has a meaning. I hadn’t paid much attention to this fact until Sri Sri Ravishankar, my Guru, mentioned it to me. Each letter from the Devanagari letter “ka” is a representation of the 33 devas of the Vedic tradition. The letter “ka” is prajapati, the creator. Similarly Sankhya texts map each consonant to a principle in creation. Tantra texts map every letter of the Sanskrit letter to 51 aspects of the mother divine. Many such approaches were well known in the distant past. Aryabhata, for example, borrowed his method of representing numbers in his astronomical treatise from an ancient Tantra text. Here is a video explaining how we can interpret a Yajur mantra to be referring to photosynthesis based on the above theme.

Why is the Zone of Avoidance associated with Mitra?

A delicate balance between forces of affinity (Mitra) and of freedom to expand (Varuna) keeps everything in balance. Mitra-Varuna device as described in Aghastya Samhita is known popularly as the “Baghdad Battery”. This device is illustrates the complementary natures of Mitra and Varuna. Rishis cognized the play of the Devatas, universal impulses, in every field of existence as they knewn to them then. Astronomy was an important science in the Vedic tradition. Rishis therefore assigned different regions of the sky to different Devatas based on the unique phenomenon that came to their attention in their meditative state of consciousness. They used 27 such divisions for the purpose of tracing and predicting the movement of luminaries in the sky. They assigned the region close to the galactic center, in the tightly packed galactic bulge, to Mitra Devata where stars have to move delicately while avoiding the gravitational pull from other stars in such close vicinity. The Vedic name of the region,

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How the Panchang had to be whacked back into shape…

Spanish, Dutch, French and British Governments in the 16th and the 17th centuries offered huge prize money for anyone who could produce reliable navigational charts. Sailing expeditions in the fifteenth and the sixteenth centuries faced severe impediments because of poor nautical maps. A few Jesuits scholars traveled to India to study the Hindu Panchang system which were known to make use of ready made tables based on local “longitudes” to produce accurate calendars for different parts of the subcontinent. Astronomers in Europe were aided by the information which the Jesuits gathered. Famous astronomer Cassini consulted the famous Siam Table while some others used the Krishnapuram and the Thiruvallur tables which were known equally for their accuracy. Thiruvallur is a town close to Channai, India. An interesting Panchang revolution took place two hundred years later close to Thiruvallur. Temple at Thiruvallur By the close of the 19th century native Hindu calendar makers, however, had lost touch with an important principle of predicting the position

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Gandharvas, Schumann Resonance and Brain Rhythms

Popular Hindu literature describes Gandharvas as semi-divine beings. It depicts them with musical instruments. Coincidentally, the Upa-Veda (subsidiary Veda) text for the classical Indian music is the Gandharva Veda. In principle, Gandharvas, like the Devatas (divine beings), are not physical entities. A Gandharva is a vibratory energy which is responsible for a certain phenomenon in existence. Specifically, Gandharvas are behind the phenomenon of resonance. The Gandharva principle is behind any peak sensual experience in the human nervous system. Similarly, Gandharvas are known in popular stories as amorous. Stories in the Vedas connect Gandharvas with Soma. Soma is a Devata who is closely associated with exhilaration in the human psyche. Though lacking a physical body, a Gandharva, for example, can enjoy the thrill within the nervous system of stage a performers. Young people aspire for the thrill of being a rock star. Without a doubt, enthralling a large audience is a talent. However, not every talented singer or a performing artist

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What does Brahma have to do with Collapsing Quantum Systems?

According to the scientist Sir James Jeans, the latest discoveries in Physics are hinting at a universe that is less of a machine and more of a great thought. Cartesian view of the Mind as an accidental product in the realm of matter is slowing waning and the older idea of the mind being the creator and the governor of the realm of matter is reviving itself. Sanskrit literature abounds in the elaboration of the latter. A Sanskrit work is called a “Purana” only if it includes the exposition of the creation process. Eight thousand meditating Rishis created eighteen Puranas and in each of them they repeat the following creation view.Brahma, the self born, found himself in the cosmic void and started looking for his creator. After searching around in futility, he took to meditating. He created beings within the mental plane. The beings he created at first, knew the secret of his creation and resolved not to become entangled in the creation

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Prana introduced to mainstream US media

I was surprised to see an article in the health magazine of US News. People all over the world know that US is the bastion of junk food, fast food and more recently non-food (GMO). As US has the best marketeers in the world, they have exported most of these food brands to the urban population in developing nations successfully. A group of young college students in a city such as Bangalore will likely decide on Pizza hut or McDonald instead of a local Idly Sambar place. Individuals from the same group when alone may make a different choice though. This is because at home they have understood from childhood that it is best to avoid stable food. Yet, modern marketing messages create can overpower common sense wisdom when an individual is among peers. The author of the article in US New, introduces the idea of high Prana food by using the example of the growing popularity of stores promoting

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Superconductivity & Mysticism

The idea of everlasting anything sounds incredible. When Superconductivity was proposed in the sixties even scientists were skeptical. Then they agreed that electric current could flow for long periods (10,000 years) at super low temperatures – zero degrees Kelvin. Semiconductor physicists started designing new material which exhibited superconductivity at temperatures a little higher than that. They found immediate application in medical equipment such as the MRI. A few years ago came the discovery that light can trigger superconductivity. It seemed that light was impacting the crystalline structure of a material. This week scientists have reported in the journal of Physical Review letters an even more interesting discovery. Superconductivity appears in a material even before its lattice structure changes and at temperatures close to normal. Quantum phenomena have been accepted in the scientific community for a while but the possibility of them happening closer to the human body temperature had been left to the domain of the mystical. Scientists from Max

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An Iron Pillar amiss for 750 years

The famous rust resistant Iron Pillar in New Delhi was a part of an ancient Astronomical observatory some 750 miles away from its current place. It was claimed as a war trophy by Islamic rulers who moved it about 700 years ago from its original place in the Udayagiri mountains. The enigmatic cave temple complex in Udayagiri once was an active sky observatory which was used by experts familiar with astronomical models found in Vedic texts. The pillar was placed at the entrance of a passage cut through rock and it cast shadow into the passage as the Sun rose on Summer solstice day. The rays of the rising sun still falls on the feet of reclining figure of Vishnu in the cave adjacent to the rock passage. Markings on two hilltops, on the north and the south clearly show the astronomical significance of this site. The stone pillar found on one of the hilltops is a twin of the

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Genesis on Earth – Rudra influence

Reporting in the journal Nature Geoscience, a team of scientists brought a new clue to the puzzle of how life formed on planet Earth 4 billion years ago. Amino acids are the basic building blocks of protein and other longer chain molecules seen in life forms. The team’s experiment adds yet another explanation for how amino acids arrived on the planet. Molecules supporting life arriving on a comet from an alien region had been the popular theory before the results from the new research became available. These new experiments add credence to the possibility of genesis being earth based. They establish the idea of the formation of amino acids from simpler molecules such as water, carbon dioxide ice and others which were available in the nascent solar system. Intending to study the impact of comets on the atmosphere of a young earth, the team fired projectiles through a high speed gun into a chamber containing a mix of air molecules

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