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Connection between Primordial Prakriti and Plasma

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Reviewing several mantras is necessary to grasp a specific scientific idea hidden in the Vedas. For example. The Hiranya Garbha Suktam adds a level of detail to an essential concept in the Nasadiya Suktam. Firstly, the Nasadiya Suktam suggests that the Devas may have appeared during the diversity phase in creation. Secondly, the Suktam leaves us with a question regarding the cosmic mind. The Hiranyagarbha Suktam picks up this thread. In summary, the Nasadiya Suktam does not name the conscious entity that witnessed the birth of the universe. However, we find its name in the Hiranyagarbha Suktam. Nasadiya Suktam introduces the Mahabhuta elements, the primordial brightness. Elsewhere we find details about their individual nature.

The following video presents a sequence of events per Inflation cosmology. It provides a context to the birth of Devas. Per science, matter as we know it to be, appeared in our universe when CMB filled it. However, even after that, the universe remained in total darkness for 300-500 million years. Indeed, the Nasadiya Suktam talks about the creation of matter. However, we must acknowledge style differences and become familiar with Sanskrit terminology.

Five states of matter and the five Mahabhuta entities

For example, the Suktam uses the term Mahimana for the root element of creation. It does not use the term matter. Firstly, we take the root elements to be five states of matter. This assumption makes sense because Scientists acknowledge five states of matter. The states of matter per science are solid, fluid, plasma, air, and zero point. These states map beautifully to the five Mahabhuta elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Space. Primordial Prakriti is a combination of all the Mahabhuta elements.

The second point of similarity is Radiation at the time of creation. The Rishi of the Nasadiya Suktam asserts that Rashmi (radiation) accompanied Mahimana. However, Scientists qualify the radiation which arose at this point in creation as CMB (Cosmic Microwave Background) radiation. In addition, they say that nothing much happened for 300 million years in the universe from that point. This time is the period of the cosmic Darkage per modern cosmologists. Nasadiya Suktam introduces the principle of Tamas (darkness) as the dominant aspect of existence. Subsequently, it makes a particular reference to the end of this period. Devas arose at the beginning of the subsequent phase. The logic behind the late arrival of Devas is sound. What is the need of Devas while darkness alone prevailed?

Where are the Devas?

Acknowledging the unique terminology of the Rishis is crucial for gaining insight into mantras. For example, the Rishis use the word Agni for Energy and Apah for Plasma. Certainly, Agni filled the universe from the very beginning. However, it was in a different form. Certainly, we wouldn’t recognize that form of Agni today. In summary, it was not visible fire. We can extend the same idea to the other Devas as well. In summary, Cosmic consciousness and undifferentiated Prakriti existed till the birth of the Devas. The Devas then began shaping the universe from their domain, the subtle plane, which is an intersection of pure consciousness and primordial Prakriti.

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