It is necessary to search across mantras to understand scientific ideas in the Vedas. The Hiranya Garbha Suktam, for example, adds details to an important idea in the Nasadiya Suktam. The Nasadiya Suktam tells us that the Devas did not appear till the diversity phase in creation. The Suktam leaves us with a question regarding cosmic mind. The Hiranyagarbha Suktam picks up this thread. Nasadiya Suktam does not provide a name for the consciousness which saw the birth of the universe. We find its name in the Hiranyagarbha Suktam.

The video presents the sequence of events per Inflation cosmology in context of the birth of Devas. Matter as we know appeared when CMB filled the universe. The universe remained in total darkness for 300-500 million years. Nasadiya Suktam also talks about the creation of matter. It uses the
term Mahimana or the root element of creation. Radiation accompanied the creation Mahimana as per Nasadiya Suktam also. Nothing much happened for 300 million years in the universe. Cosmologists call this period as the cosmic darkage. Nasadiya Suktam calls the end of this period as the phase
of diversity. Devas were needed only at the beginning of this phase.

The video lets us appreciate the terminology which the Rishis used for Energy (Agni) and Plasma (Apah). The universe was filled with energy from the very beginning. It however was not in the form (Agni) in which we recognize them today. We can extend the same idea to the other Devas as well. Only the Cosmic consciousness and undifferentiated Prakriti existed till the birth of the Devas. The Devas began shaping the universe from their place in the subtle domain after they manifested.

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