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Gandharvas, Schumann Resonance and Brain Rhythms

Popular Hindu literature describes Gandharvas as semi-divine beings. It depicts them with musical instruments. Coincidentally, the Upa-Veda (subsidiary Veda) text for the classical Indian music is the Gandharva Veda. In principle, Gandharvas, like the Devatas (divine beings), are not physical entities. A Gandharva is a vibratory energy which is responsible for a certain phenomenon in existence. Specifically, Gandharvas are behind the phenomenon of resonance.

The Gandharva principle is behind any peak sensual experience in the human nervous system. Similarly, Gandharvas are known in popular stories as amorous. Stories in the Vedas connect Gandharvas with Soma. Soma is a Devata who is closely associated with exhilaration in the human psyche. Though lacking a physical body, a Gandharva, for example, can enjoy the thrill within the nervous system of stage a performer. Young people aspire for the thrill of being a rock star.

Without a doubt, enthralling a large audience is a talent. However, not every talented singer or a performing artist becomes a success. Therefore, a successful performer can thank the presence of the Gandharva resonance in his nervous system. This resonance is not limited to the performer. During the performance, it permeates the nervous system of everyone in the audience. Similarly, Earth’s electromagnetic system and the human brain’s neural network have resonances. This too suggests the influence of Gandharva resonance.

Resonance in the Ionosphere

The ionosphere is sandwiched between the sky and ground. Lightning strikes around the globe constantly charge it. Consequently, the earth’s atmosphere resonates at very low frequencies. This resonance is the Schumann resonance. The entire atmosphere of the earth is like a large cavity of electromagnetic waves. These waves originate naturally due to currents created by lightening. Strangely, they peak at the frequency of 7.83 Hz which is the also the frequency of the alpha waves in the human brain. Since 1920, scientists are studying the source of the EEG signals such as the Alpha waves in the human brain. 

As early as 1952, scientists noticed the similarity between the frequencies in earth’s atmosphere and in the human brain. Some leading scientists advocated a evolutionary interaction between human consciousness and earth’s geomagnetic field. Moreover, recent brain imaging attempts by Montreal Neurological Institute suggest an interaction between different areas of the brain. These interactions create neural rhythms. Different parts of the brain resonate during the process of cognition. Perhaps, there is more to idea of the Gandharva as the ruler of resonance.

Resonance among Neurons in the human brain

Rishis associated Gandharvas to certain rhythms between the lunar and solar cycles. They called out certain resonant interactions points and gave them names after a particular Gandharva. They viewed Gandharvas to be 27 in number sometimes and 3339 at other times as seen in the following clip

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