Zebra Finch and Vena the Gandharva

Zebra Finch - Vena Gandharva
Vena Gandharva knew about the field which permeates the space of matter. Scientists study the contribution of this on the Zebra Finch.

A different kind of space permeates this manifest space per Vedas. Scientists convey the same idea in a slightly different manner. The world is made up of atoms. Subatomic particles function below the level of atoms. Besides, these subatomic particles, such as electrons, are like waves. They defy familiar laws of physics. Therefore, electrons can exhibit their wave nature only at the quantum level . Conversely, this bizarre behavior of electrons disappears at the atomic level. Secondly, we know about this only because of the efforts of quantum scientists. Scientists continue to explore other facts about the quantum field. They are beginning to think that the quantum field may be influencing activities in the space which is familiar to us. The following example takes us to a reference to a Gandharva named Vena in the Yajur Veda.

Scientists have been studying the biology of the migrating zebra finch which uses the magnetic field of the Earth for its annual journeys. Scientists know with certainty that the magnetic field of the Earth can not directly influence the biological system in living beings. Weak magnetic fields can only influence processes at the plane of quantum mechanics. Scientists therefore searched for an evidence of quantum coherence within a biological molecule. Peter Hore of the University of Oxford and his colleagues recently isolated a cryptochrome from the retina of the zebra finch. They claim that light or photon triggers long lived quantum coherence within this molecule.

Vena the Gandharva

The Vedas describe another kind of space. This space is different from the space of matter manifest which we see daily. Cosmologists also say the same. The manifest space arose as a tiny bubble in a uniform field of quantum energy. Yajur Veda text says that a famous Gandharva being with the name Vēna contemplated on the nature of existence. Subsequently, he concluded that this other kind of space is interwoven  (ōtah) with the space of matter. This space is inlaid (Prōta) in the space of matter. We have a scientific confirmation that two planes of existence. In short, we now know that the space of quantum and the space of atoms do interact, at least in the case of the migratory ability of the zebra finch.

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