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Life on Earth depends on light and heat from the Sun. This fact is well known. Secondly, for centuries, psychiatrists have understood the connection between severe mental afflictions and the lunar cycle. Thirdly, Astrologers believe that the five innermost planets influence the lives of individuals. Is there any logic behind the second and third statements, with the Sun being the Planet’s only energy source? The Moon and planets only reflect the energy from the Sun! How can they exercise their influence on biorhythms? This article discusses seven Rashmi energy frequencies of the Sun, namely, Sushumna, Harikesa, Vishwakarma, Vishwashrava, Sampad-Vasu, Arva Vasu, and Svarat.

Vedic texts connect Soma, the recharging impulse in the universe, with the Moon. Devas replenish their life force by drawing out Soma supply from the Moon during the waning phase. Soma supply is the cause of Devas’ longevity. However, the supply of Soma is limited. The moon must replenish the depleted pool of Soma. Moon can lock in the Sushumna Rashmi (energy frequency of the Sun) on Amavasya (the new Moon) because of its alignment with the Sun. Because of this, the Soma energy continues to build up during the waxing phase. Does this mechanism work for the planets?

Description of Sun’s Rashmi energies in Brahmanda Purana

Brahmanda Purana answers the above question. Brahmanda Purana discusses cryptic hints from the Vedas. One such discussion is about the Sun acting as the source of special powers for the planets. The Sun supplies specific bio-energy frequencies for each Planet, as illustrated with the case of the Moon above. A Planet can only lock into this frequency in specific positional configurations with the Sun. Venus, for example, locks into the Vishwashrava Rashmi frequency when it is behind the Sun. Brahmanda Purana terms these frequencies as primordial.

Seven Rashmi energies of Sun are Sushumna, Harikesa, Vishwakarma, Vishwashrava, Sampad Vasu, Arva, Vasu and Svarat.
Rashmi energies of the Sun are : Sushumna, Harikesa, Vishwakarma, Vishwashrava, Sampad Vasu, Arva, Vasu and Svarat.

Sun supplies seven such primordial bio-frequencies. The Moon takes up the Sushumna Rashmi power. The innermost five solar system Planets take up a bio-frequency each, namely, Vishwakarma, Vishwashrava, Sampad Vasu, Arva Vasu and Svarat. What about the seventh, the Harikesa? The Sun’s Harikesa frequency charges the Rukshas. The word Ruksha refers to star groupings. Vedic astronomy lists special star groupings along the ecliptic. These are Nakshatras. Sun’s Harikesa frequency is the reason for the unique quality of each of the twenty-seven Nakshatras.

Discussions in the Brahmanda Purana clarify how the Moon, planets, and Nakshatras exercise power over human lives on Earth. There is only a single primary source of power and influence on Earth, and it is the Sun. Any other perceived secondary effect can be attributed to the Sun, through Rashmi energy frequencies. The verse quoted below conveys this idea. “The Sun first floods different zones of space with its Rashmi energies. The Sun then takes charge of those zones, through a unique Rashmi energy, as a Nakshatra-Karaka (primary influencer of a Nakshatra)”

kṣetrāṇyetāni vai pūrvamāpatanti gabhastibhiḥ /
teṣāṃ kṣetrāṇyathādatte sūryo nakṣatrakārakāḥ //

क्षेत्राण्येतानि वै पूर्वमापतन्ति गभस्तिभिः /
तेषां क्षेत्राण्यथादत्ते सूर्यो नक्षत्रकारकाः //

Brahmanda Purana 1.24.73

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