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Sun’s Rashmi energies

Life on Earth depends on light and heat from the Sun. This fact is well known. Secondly, for centuries, psychiatrists have understood the connection between severe mental afflictions and the lunar cycle. Thirdly, Astrologers believe that the five innermost planets influence the lives of individuals. Is there any logic behind the second and third statements, with the Sun being the Planet’s only energy source? The Moon and planets only reflect the energy from the Sun! How can they exercise their influence on biorhythms? This article discusses seven Rashmi energy frequencies of the Sun, namely, Sushumna, Harikesa, Vishwakarma, Vishwashrava, Sampad-Vasu, Arva Vasu, and Svarat. Vedic texts connect Soma, the recharging impulse in the universe, with the Moon. Devas replenish their life force by drawing out Soma supply from the Moon during the waning phase. Soma supply is the cause of Devas’ longevity. However, the supply of Soma is limited. The moon must replenish the depleted pool of Soma. Moon can lock

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