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What is Soma Juice made of?

What is Soma Juice made of?

What is Soma Juice made of?

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Many people asked this question in vain in the past – What is Soma Juice made of? Researchers have studied different plants, mushrooms and other hallucinogens. However, none of these matches the description of the Soma plant as described in the Soma Sacrifice of Veda. This makes us wonder if researchers are on the right track about Soma Juice. The Samba Purana text provides a simplified description of the mantras to the Chariot of the Sun in the Vedas. Let us understand more about the nature of the Soma drink from it.

Chapter 20 of Samba Purana
Devas gain sustenance from the Sun

Surya or the Sun is the supreme Deva according to those who worship the Sun. In this context, the existence of the other Devas must depend on the power of Surya. They must gain their immortality from the rays of the Sun. One way the Devas gain immortality is from Yajna fire ritual or the Soma sacrifice. The officiating priests extract the juice of the Soma plant to make an offering. Agni or God of fire carries this offering to the Devas. Consequently, the Devas get recharged. However, how does the Soma plant capture the power of Soma? What is the secret ingredient in the Soma drink?

Soma Plant and its connection to the lunar cycle

How do Kalas of Soma relate to Soma in Yoga?

The Sun increases Soma energy in the vicinity of the earth during the bright fortnight of the Moon. Secondly, it does this through its rays called “Susumna”. Yoga practitioners can understand the similarity here to the central energy channel in the body. The moon gathers this subtle Soma energy in Kala units. The Devas can consume this Soma energy during the dark fortnight of the Moon. This becomes their seasonal supply of Amrita or immortality. Secondly, Devas must take turns to drink the Soma energy. Finally, Devas love an extra portion of the Soma energy. Let us see how they get it, at least sometimes!

Do Devas get an extra portion of Soma in a sacrifice?

Herbs, especially those which produce a milky secretion receive the final portion of Soma. They receive it after Devas get their allocated share. The Soma herb belongs to this category. A trained priest can identify the Soma herb by noticing the alignment of the growth phase of the herb to the moon’s cycle. Certainly, not every plant with a milky secretion has this alignment. The priests know the art of extracting the Juice of the Soma plant properly. They know the secrets of the Soma plant juice. Devas are happy to return the favor to humans after consuming an extra dose of Soma.

What is an extra helping of Soma Juice?

The normal cycle of Soma drinking by Devas continues forever in nature. However, Vedic priests entice Devas with an extra supply of Soma Juice upon the disruption of nature’s rhythms. Certainly, excess greed can be a reason for the disruption of the natural cycles. Rishis knew this and instituted an annual offering of Soma drink to the Devas.

Do Devas or Gods consume portions of Soma in a sequence?

There are sixteen Kalaas or portions of Soma. Agni gets the first Kalaa followed by Ravi. Secondly, Vishve-devas, Prajapati, Varuna, Vaasava, Rishis, Vasus, Yama, Maruts, Rudra, Vishnu, and Kubera consume the Kalaas from 3-13. Shiva as Pashupathi consumes the fourteenth Kalaa. Finally, Pitrus consume the fifteenth Kalaa.

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