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What is Soma Juice made of?

What is Soma Juice made of?

Many people asked this question in vain in the past – What is Soma Juice made of? Researchers have studied different plants, mushrooms and other hallucinogens. However, none of these matches the description of the Soma plant as described in the Soma Sacrifice of Veda. This makes us wonder if researchers are on the right track about Soma Juice. The Samba Purana text provides a simplified description of the mantras to the Chariot of the Sun in the Vedas. Let us understand more about the nature of the Soma drink from it. Devas gain sustenance from the Sun Surya or the Sun is the supreme Deva according to those who worship the Sun. In this context, the existence of the other Devas must depend on the power of Surya. They must gain their immortality from the rays of the Sun. One way the Devas gain immortality is from Yajna fire ritual or the Soma sacrifice. The officiating priests extract the

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The lone Wheel on the Chariot of the Sun

The Lone wheel on the Chariot of the Sun

Carvings of the Chariot of the Sun in Stone are charming. Artisans in India built Sun temples in the past with inspiration from Puranas texts. (We notice a completely different idea of the Chariot of Sun (Helios or Sol) in Greek and Roman mythologies. Therefore, this analysis is limited to ideas in the Veda). Firstly, Puranas attempt to simplify ideas in the Vedas into metaphors, in this case the Chariot. Secondly, artisans used their creativity to chisel the metaphor on stone. Certainly, there are differences between what we see in Stone and in the texts. Firstly, the texts say that the Sun’s chariot moves on one wheel. Let us understand the metaphor of the lone wheel of the Chariot of the Sun. Let us begin with a short poem. The Lone Wheel of the Chariot of the Sun A lone wheel spins for Sun’s massive chariot Spinning fast carrying light through the year! A Lone wheel turns on three, not one

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