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Tag: Samba Purana

  • What is Soma Juice made of?

    What is Soma Juice made of?

    Many people asked this question in vain in the past – What is Soma Juice made of? Researchers have studied different plants, mushrooms and other hallucinogens. However, none of these matches the description of the Soma plant as described in the Soma Sacrifice of Veda. This makes us wonder if researchers are on the right…

  • Sinivali and Raka

    Sinivali and Raka

    Sinivali, Kuhu, Anumati and Raka are names of Goddesses in the Vedas. Veda Vyasa, the compiler of Vedas, gathered only two mantras related to Sinivali in Rig Veda. Therefore, Translators find these verses hard to translate. However, Vyasa provides additional clues in his Purana works in such cases. This is the case also about Sinivali (सिनीवाली), Raka…

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