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Religions around the world present a gory view of Hell. In contrast, the idea of Naraka hell was more meaningful in an earlier ear. There are four pits of hell according to the Vedas (in the Aruna Prasna Mantras). They are each assigned to the directions Southeast, Southwest, Northeast and Northwest. Secondly, they relate to the mental turmoil someone experiences in life.

Southeast is the direction of Visarpi Naraka, or the pit of hell of agitated seeking. For example, pain or a strong discomfort can make someone seek relief, desperately. This desperation relates to Visarpi Naraka. Some other time, one may feel completely frozen. For example, this may be due to an overwhelming sensation. This type of turmoil is the Avisarpi Naraka experience. This Naraka is in the Southwest direction.

Pits of Hell - Naraka
Aruna Prashna mantras list four forms of hell

Self-loath creates intense mental turmoil in anyone. This is Vishadi, the pit of hell of anguish. For example. someone may not immediately grasp the gravity of injustice he has meted to another person. However, according to Karma theory, the seed from the meted injustice is sure to sprout. When it does, it arrives like quake in the perpetrator’s mind. As a result, the perpetrator experiences the Vishadi hell in the Northeast direction.

Suffering and turmoil beyond a threshold are the cause of Avishadi Naraka. Such hellish arrives arises from the Northwest direction. In addition, this suffering is so intense that it leaves no energy even for self-loath.

Psychological concept of Naraka

Psychological challenges are more daunting to a human being than material challenges. Rishis made a note of this. Consequently, they created Rituals. Certainly, these rituals serve as a mechanism to let off steam during an episode of psychological oppression. According to the belief system of the Vedas, our psyche is in a natural state of perfection. However, psychological influences pull it away from this state, momentarily.

A belief that one can return to the state of equilibrium, is in itself, a source of relief. Therefore, Rishis advocated an assumption that Devas cause psychological influences. However, Devas are playful by nature. Therefore, they can be pleased easily with small or big offerings. A conviction about this, brings enough enthusiasm to at least take charge and regain some psychological strength. Hell in this system of belief is in different directions, not too far away. Naraka is inches away from one’s Self or within one’s heart!!

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