In many temples in South India, there is an area dedicated to the Devatas or subtle energies of the nine Grahas or the luminaries which move in the sky. There, we can usually find one Murty (an idol) for each of the nine Grahas. However, they face different directions as if they have been disordered. The person who invented this disordered arrangement is the Siddhar Idaikkadar ( இடைக்காட்டுச் சித்தர்). Before the time of Idai Kattu Siddhar, eight of the nine Navagrahas stood in a neat circle.

Idaikkadar was a sheep herder who attained the status of an enlightened being. Through his Yogic powers, he once foresaw an impending drought. He came to know that the draught would last a long time. He prepared his sheep to eat only the harsh vegetation which tends to grow in parched land. His sheep therefore yielded toxic milk. Idaikkadar prepared his body by consuming this milk. This milk could make anyone else drowsy. Eventually, the draught hit the country. There was severe famine everywhere and life stock perished. The parcel of land around Idai Kattu Siddhar and his sheep were an exception.

The nine Grahas were curious about the lone survivor of a severe drought and decided to pay Siddhar Idaikkadar a visit. They came in the form of human beings. They consumed the food which Idai-Kattar offered and became unconscious.  Idai-Kattu Siddhar took the opportunity to capture their energies as Murtys. He placed these Murtys to face different directions. 

The influence among the nine Grahas

Calamities arise when an amicable Grahas lose its power because of the directional influences from a malefic Graha. The Grahas caused an unusual twelve year draught because every amicable Graha kept becoming powerless due to an opposition from a different malefic over that period. Idaikkadar choose a directional placement to save humanity from another long period of suffering. People continue to visit the temple for the nine Grahas which Siddhar Idai-Kattar installed in his time. 

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