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Deliberate disorder of the nine Grahas

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In a corner of temples, especially in South India, we find the carvings of Navagrahas. Navagrahas are the Devatas (subtle powers) of the nine luminaries which move in the sky. We can notice prominent features of these Devatas in these carvings. Strangely, the Navagraha carvings face random directions as if by intention. Who invented this disordered arrangement? Is there any logic behind this? Siddhar Idaikkadar ( இடைக்காட்டுச் சித்தர்) instituted this custom several centuries ago. he gained mastery in astrology through Nayana Deeksha (power transfer through eye contact). Earlier, before the time of Idai Kattu Siddhar, eight of the nine Murthys stood in a neat circle around the idol of Sun at the center.

Who is Idaikkadar?

Idaikkadar was a sheep herder who attained the status of an enlightened being. In fact, we know that the practice of offering water to the Sun was popular in South India through one of his popular couplet poems.

Through his Yogic powers, he once foresaw an impending drought. Secondly, he knew that the draught would last a long time. Therefore, he prepared his sheep for drought conditions. He let them eat the harsh vegetation which tends to grow in parched land. Consequently, the milk from his sheep became increasingly toxic. Gradually, Idaikkadar prepared his body by consuming this milk. Anyone else who drank this milk became drowsy. Eventually, the draught hit the country.

Life stock everywhere perished when the famine worsened. The parcel of land around Idai Kattu Siddhar was an exception. The sheep of Idaikkadar alone continued to graze happily. The Devatas of the nine Grahas became curious about the lone survivor of a severe drought. They decided to pay Siddhar Idaikkadar a visit. They arrived at the doorsteps of the Siddhar in the guide of human beings. Then, they consumed the food which Idai-Kattar offered. Surely, they became unconscious after eating the food made with sheep milk.  Immediately, Idai-Kattu Siddhar bound the energies of the nine Grahas. Secondly, he infused these into nine Murthys. Thirdly, he made these Murthys face different directions. 

The Mutual influence among the Grahas

Calamities arise when an amicable Graha lose its power because of a directional influence from a malefic Graha. An unusual twelve-year draught arose. This was because every amicable Graha became powerless due to an opposition from a malefic over that period. Therefore, Idaikaadar chose a unique directional placement of the Murthys. This placement could save humanity from another long period of suffering. The temple installed by Siddhar Idai-Kattar continues to be popular to this day. The Navagraha directions spread to other villages from the temple here.

Idaikaadar gains insight through Nayana Deeksha?

Idaikaadar gained spiritual powers by contemplating on the nature of existence. One day, his simplicity attracted a Siddhar Muni (Bhogar) who was passing by. The Muni transferred secret knowledge to Idaikaadar by way of staring into the eyes of his disciple. In Tamil this is called “Nayana Deeksha (நயன தீக்ஷை). Idaikaadar wrote a short work கணித நூல் (Kanida Nool) on astrology.

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