The website odditycentral  describes a gold-covered granite boulder perched atop a stone pedestal as one of the most breathtaking sights in Burma. Legend has it Buddha, on one of his travels on Earth, gave a strand of his hair to a hermit, Another relic, piece of the Budda’s hair was moved on Dec 6th from Bangkok where it was on display to Ayutthaya. People thronged to have an amulet that were blessed by monks after a service involving this relic,  Buddha’s relics are revered after two millennium.

The phenomenon of adulation is common in all cultures. Adulation of sports figures, movie stars and celebrity figures is more common in western societies. These celebrity figures stay in limelight for relatively short time. They are forgotten quite easily. Children everywhere adore their parents, grandparents. Later in life, that spirit of adoration slowly transforms into adulation of a role model. The ego of a someone who is adoring appears to take a back seat for the moment. Otherwise adoration is not possible. The same applies when someone is praising another with a full heart. 

Personalities like Buddha provide an opportunity for one to dive deeper into one’e consciousness, deeper below one’s ego. The adulation, the praise of someone like the Buddha is more for one’s own benefit, a small break away from one’s existence at the ego level. This is probably why personalities with fully blossomed consciousness continue to have such a following long after they have departed from the material world. Even a relic, a piece of hair becomes an excuse to draw one’s mind away from the logic of the world for a few minutes. This piece of hair is no different from anyone else’s and yet its association with a person worthy of adulation is what makes it valuable. There is so much to human existence than the atoms and molecules that makes up the human body.

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