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Human sensory system is a gift from nature’s intelligence. Nature’s intelligence is a part of cosmic consciousness per Rishis. Let us see the story of Prachetas (Prachina Barhis) and its connection to the evolution of the human ear

Scientists trace the origins of the tiniest bone in the human body to fish gills! Besides, this bone is an important part of the human auditory system. Evolutionary biologists say that the rudimentary ear was in place even during the transition from aquatic to terrestrial lifestyle. This happened some 250 million years ago. Therefore, nature has continuously refined the mammalian and the human ears over millions of years. The story is the same for the evolution of human sight.

Fish Gills to Human Ears - The story of Prachetas (Prachina Barhis))
Fish Gills to Human Ears – The story of Prachetas (Prachina Barhis)

Consciousness is an inseparable property of space per Vedic sciences. Secondly, diversity in creation is the play of consciousness. Thirdly, there is an idea of a primordial intention. According to this intention, consciousness began to project its perceptive abilities outwards. Therefore we can trace back the origins of the human sensory system to cosmic consciousness. In the language of the Vedas, the intention to externalize the power of perception is Prachina (primordial) Barhis (platform). Let us see how the Vedas communicate this idea?

Prachetas, the idea of external projection

Prachetas is the collective name for divine beings who are the offspring of Prachina-Barhis. Besides, we can clearly correlate each Prachetas to the development of intelligence in nature. This intelligence impelled evolution to develop all the sensory organs. Scientists also accept the possibility of this type of intelligence in nature. However, Veda Vyasa, the compiler of the Vedas, wanted the masses to appreciate the idea of Prachetas. Therefore, he embedded hints about the nature of Prachetas and weaved them into interesting stories.

Per one story, Prachetas who are ten in number are the descendants of Prithu. a noble king who lived during a strange era. These ten were in deep meditation under water for a long time. To their surprise, they found vegetation and giant trees filling all the land when they completed their meditation. They began to clear this strange looking growth. However, Brahma, the creator, stopped them from destroying all of the forests. Subsequently, Daksha Prajapati who is known for his skills arose. He was a key progenitor of human race. He was a direct descendent of the Prachetas.

Let us decode the above story. Prachina Barhis represent the impulses which arise in nature for evolving sensory perceptions. Prachetas are the raw power behind the sensory perception. Skill or Daksha is necessary to manage the raw power of the senses. Order comes to the creation process only with Daksha. However, with skills arise ego! This leads us to another story related to Daksha and his Ego.

A Rig Veda mantra praise Prachetas as the forces behind the sensory limbs of the mind. The are therefore the gatekeepers to the domain of the Super conscious being.

आ त्वा विशन्त्वाशवः सोमास इन्द्र गिर्वणः |

शं ते सन्तु प्रचेतसे ||

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