Ancient seers visualied the celestial circle, the ecliptic, as being made up of 27 equal arcs. They devised ways to astronomically track the movements of the Sun, the Moon and the planets among these arcs. The area associated with each arc extends deep into space. Vedic seers cognized the dominance of certain cosmic principles in each of these 27 segments of space. The cognized principles surprisingly map onto key ideas in modern astronomy such as the black hole, the steps in the formation of a solar system. Different cosmic vibrations reflect onto the microcosm, the human body, based on the arc segment which the Sun and the planets occupy.

The arc positions of the Sun and the Moon on the “Akshaya Tritiya” day are unique. The Sun is in the arc associated with Agni, the primordial energy principle. The Moon has moved two phases ahead of its union with the Sun and it occupies the arc associated with Soma, the universal rejuvination principle. The solar and the lunar energies in the human body are simultaneouly at their peak. Yogic texts associate the solar principle with the breath moving through the right nostril and the lunar principle with the breath moving through the left nostril. There is a perfect balance between the two on “Akshaya Tritiya” day. The mind reaches a state of poise and alertness because of this combination. It can recognize a new solution, a new opportunity or a treasure which can have a long lasting value. During the past decade, Gold jwellers in India have commercialized the Akshaya Tritiya as the perfect day to buy gold as an investment which does not loose its shine! 

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