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Nature, with her intelligence, created humans

Human Brain is Hollow and Empty and QFT!

Do our thoughts originate in a field of chemicals in the brain or in a quantum mind?

Every cell in the human body has a microtubular center. However, this fact is more prominent and important in case of our neurons. The microtubular space in the middle of every neuron in our brain is getting some attention. This site of Quantum vibration may be the source of EEG waves. Consciousness is seated in this micro-hollow. It may be the quantum field according to an article in the Physics of Life. Classical physicists have resisted the idea of quantum origins of human intelligence for the past 20 years. Accepting this implies an indirect recognition of bizarre phenomenon such as telepathy and past life memories. Ours may be a Quantum Mind!

Microtubular space created by protein
molecules of a Neuron

While explaining the quantum field for NOVA, the physicist Don Lincoln says “Everywhere in the universe there is a field called the electron field. An electron isn’t the field, but rather a localized vibration in the field. In fact, every electron in the universe is a similar localized vibration of that single field. Electrons aren’t the only particles to consist of localized vibrations of a field; all particles do. There is a photon field, an up-quark field, a gluon field, a muon field;

indeed, there is a field for every known particle. And, for all of them, the thing that we visualize as a particle is just a localized vibration of that field.” Consciousness and Quantum field may be inseparable! Microtubules are not only in the neurons but in every cell. They make quantum mind a possibility. The Sanskrit word for a human being is “Nara”. This word refers to the nervous system. The divine lies within the nervous system as Narayana.

Quantum Mind - Consciousness
Image of Neurons with DNA and Microtubule fibers – Picture Credit NIH
Purusha and Prakriti in a neuron

Vedic Rishis call the universe to be a combination of Prakriti and Purusha. While prakriti is the field of transformations, Purusha is the field of pure consciousness. Prakriti hosts innumerable numbers of solar systems, galaxies and universes. Similarly, the protein molecule filaments which create a microtubule are a part of this Prakriti. On the other hand, Purusha, creates the refined intelligence with which a human being perceives the play of Prakriti is a part of the Purusha.

Thoughts arise because of the power of the Purusha. Similarly, cognition arises. However, Purusha is more like Space. Besides, the Microtubular hollow in our neurons match the definition of Purusha, empty and quiet. Therefore, it is not a surprise that some quantum physicists find an affinity to the writings of the ancient Rishis. Neurologists and psychologists are joining this bandwagon now!

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