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Who is the Devi of Capitalism?

Wealth is an essential commodity in any society! Everyone seeks it for comfort and security. In brief, the capitalists have been right. However, there is an ugly face to capitalism. In other words, there is an ugly face to wealth itself. The Vedic texts remind us of a succinct distinction between two means to wealth. Lakshmi devi represents wealth which is pursued in a responsible way. On the other hand, Jyeshta, the elder sister of Lakshmi is the Devi of wealth from gambling and speculation. Does Jyeshta control speculative Capitalism today? The Rishis convey an important distinction between the two Devis through the story of Jyeshta. The story of the churning of the milky ocean brings us several mini teachings. The Devas and their rivals, the Asuras, churned the legendary milky ocean for Amrita, the nectar of immortality. Initially, their efforts remained futile. Later, the ocean began to yield gifts; some nice and some terrible. One of the most terrifying gifts was the Poison capable of destroying all

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