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What are Vyahritis?

A ​Vaccuum Scientist says that Space will retain the laws of nature even if all of matter is removed from it. Therefore, Vaccuum can form matter form emptiness by following these laws of nature again.  Long ago, ​the Rishis expressed a similar idea. A Rishi’s idea of the “absolute” existence is like this Vaccuum. “Relative” existence of the material existence arises at will from this “absolute”. The Om sound refers to the Absolute. What then are the Vyahriti (व्याहृति) sounds which are closely associated with the Om sound?   Mantras form the boundary between the Absolute and the Relative Sri Sri Ravishankar on the Spanda Karika text The Mantras form the boundary between the absolute and the relative existence. Mantras originate from the Vyahriti sounds. Veda practitioners say that the Vyahritis can enhance the power of Mantras. Therefore, Veda students and experts include the Vyahritis whenever they meditate on the famous Gayatri Mantra. But what are the Vyahritis? Vyahriti in stories

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