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  • What makes a text a Purana? Pancha Lakshana

    What makes a text a Purana? Pancha Lakshana

    Purana texts are story collections that adhere to a fixed literary format. However, each Purana may offer its unique moral stories, some semi-historical information, and guidance on Puja practices. Amarakosha, a famous grammar text from the fifth century, lists five mandatory requirements or Lakshanas for a story collection to be called a Purana. These Lakshana-requirements…

  • A Yagna performed by Parasara against Rakshasas

    In this post, we try to understand the significance of the Yajna performed by Parasara against Rakshasas. Rishi Parasara (Parashar) is the father of the famous Vyasa. Parashar’s grandfather is none other than Vasishta, one among the seven Sapta Rishis. Vasishta brought up Parasara. Parasara, as a young man, came to know the cause of…

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