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Guru and Recognition

I was at a Guru Purnima function in Boone, North Carolina at the Art of Living Ashram, in 2016. Sri Sri Ravishankar spoke about the tradition of Gurus and the role of Guru in every person’s life. He explained the the special Sanskrit word Pratyabhijna. This word loosely translates as the heart of recognition. Sri Sri also spoke about the four roles of a Guru. Wisdom dawns when one is with a Guru. Sri Sri tweeted the following while he was speaking to the audience.   The four benefits of having a Guru: wisdom, progress, achievement, and liberation in life. #HappyGuruPurnima You can’t escape having a guru or being a guru. You learn what to do from some and what not do from others. In the same way, you teach others what to do or what not to do.By default everyone is a Guru and everyone is a student!   Sri Sri explained that everyone needs a Guru to “recognize” the

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