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Valakhilya Rishis and Magnetic Poles

Valakhilya Rishis and Magnetic field lines Who are Valakhilya Rishis? Where do we find references to the Valakhilya? Are they connected to Earth’s magnetic Pole? We must understand a few ideas about these Rishis to find an answer to these questions. Is there any connection between these Rishis and the Valakhilya hymns in the mandalas of the Rig Veda? We gather four important facts from the references to the Valakhilya Rishis from Purana texts. Firstly, these thumb sized Rishis meditate upside down. Secondly, these ancient Rishis survive without eating food. They survive solely on air. Thirdly, they follow the Sun from dawn to dusk. In fact, they carry the Sun on his daily sojourn around the Earth. Fourthly, one of the seven Saptarishis, namely, Kratu is their father. Are hints from these four areas enough to understand the metaphor of Valakhilyas? These tiny sized Rishis move with the Sun from dawn to dusk. They survive on air. Therefore, Valakhilya may

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