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Weak Omkar resonance in the body

Silence is a part of Tapasya in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. What is the purpose of Silence in Tapasya? We hear about the intense Tapasya of Asuras, Rishis, and Devas. They gained psychic powers by maintaining intense Silence for a long time. How do spiritual powers arise in Silence? Silence strengthens the resonance of Om, which is the storehouse of every type of spiritual power. Let us understand how. Firstly, let us know a bit about OM. Three sounds meld seamlessly to create the universal resonance of Omkar, the OM sound. Yoga practitioners worldwide know these sounds to be A, U, and M. Siddhars attribute these three to Omkar being weaker within the body than outside. We can appreciate ancient Yogis’ fondness for Silence when we understand the following. Dissonance arises between A and U when they operate the Pingala and Ida Nadis, which are often imbalanced. Imbalance occurs from many causes, such as blocked Chakras, sluggish Nadis, unprocessed emotions,

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