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Every individual desires for comfort and joy. Besides, the pursuit of wealth is an aspect of this. Certainly, a majority of individuals in a society engage in this pursuit with faith, trust and cooperation. The collective psyche, with respect to wealth, is like a uniform field, because of this majority! However, it has some bumps and kinks. The cause of these is the fact that the wealthy seek grandeur and more fame. From this, let us understand the secret of Yakshini beings.

Yaksha is an abstract being, an aspect of the collective psyche. They are related to power the structures in society. Yakshni is a female counterpart of Yaksha. They grant special favors. Mostly, the rich avail of these favors. Certainly, the worship of Yakshini was popular in earlier times. Buddhist, Jain and Hindu texts classify Yakshinis. For example, Bhandara Poorna Yakshni brings satisfaction in matters of the treasury. Therefore Kings and rulers in the past sought her favor. Similarly, those seeking hidden/secret wealth sought favors from Pramoda, and Rati Priya. In contrast, those who wanting to appear younger sought favors from Mahamaya Yakshini.

The dark side

Yakshini’s appear to an aspirant in the night time, often at mid night. This suggests a darker side to seeking favors from these class of beings. Firstly, a majority of people did not feel the need to have their desired fulfilled by gaining the favor of a Yakshni. Secondly, some Yakshinis put an aspirant through psychological challenges before granting favors. Thirdly, some favors come with strings. For, example, Kameshwari Yakshini stipulates that the granted wealth be spent right away. She dislikes the hoarding of her gifts.

The Secret of Yakshini
Yaksha and Yakshini at the entrance of the Reserve Bank of India

One interesting Yakshini is Karna Pishachini. Her name was known to the earlier generation. She whispers bits of secret about a visitor’s past or future into an aspirant’s ears. Through this power, she can make an aspirant heady! Therefore, elders in the past often attributed the misbehavior of an adamant youngster to Karna Pishachini, especially when the youngster followed on bad advice from peers. Another interesting Yakshini has the name Ratna Kambala. Her showers her favors as magic, a sort of telekinesis power. A budding aspirant can suddenly gain the ability to move a small object without touching it. Subsequently, he begins to draw the curious around him. Such incidents were not uncommon, half a century back in towns in India. However, a majority of the population shunned Yakshini worshippers for a reason.

Yogi and his magical powers

Patanjali in his Sutra text clarifies the nature of these supernatural powers. Siddhis or powers can arise when a practitioner advances toward a higher state of consciousness. The yogi does not have to engage in the worship of Yakshinis. However, such powers often become a distraction. They entangle a practitioner. Therefore, a real Yogi takes these powers lightly.

Patanjali says that there is a third way for these powers to manifest. Some individuals are born with powers. In summary, the power of the associated Yakshini is already integrated into the consciousness of this Yogi from birth. The has power over it. He has a choice to use it or ignore it. This raises an interesting question. How real are Yakshinis today?

The inclination of the wealthy towards grandeur is as valid today as in the past. However, the mechanism by which they obtain what they fancy is different. Firstly, the rich getting richer is a problem world over. A lobbyist network facilitates their quest. The hidden workings of Yakshinis can be noticed in this! Look out for my posting on the topic of the lobbyist network, Yakshas and Rakshasas.

Common Queries
What book would you recommend to know about the Tantra of Yakshinis?

The original texts on the topic are in the Sanskrit language. Commentaries on them by native authors are the best way to understand this subtle topic. Yakshinis have been a part of the Indian society. The idea of Yakshinis was real to most people, even those who shunned this Tantra. Therefore the native authors from an earlier decade have explained the original texts from a platform of faith. On the contrary, Yakshinis are exotic, esoteric and make believe to a foreign author. Their translations and explanations therefore do not carry the same authenticity.

Yakshini Bhairav Siddhi (Hindi) by Rajesh Dixit is a comprehensive text on ritual worship of Yakshinis

An important information about Yoga Maya (powers from Yoga) is the short message by Sri Sri Ravishankar

Can someone invoke the power of these beings today?

It is possible. However, it is important to know four aspects of the Tantra teachings.
a) An aspirant seeks a proper Guru to receive a mantra associated with a Yakshini. Certainly, a Guru may decide an aspirant to be eligible for a different mantra.
b) An aspirant follows all the procedures and the necessary restrictions during the long period of daily worship. Certainly, faith and trust are important.
c) An aspirant experiences the presence of the Yakshini and receives the fruit of worship
d) An aspirant follows all stipulations related to the gift. Certainly, communicating with the Guru is crucial. Because the Guru alone can guide the student away from co-dependency

Who is the Magic Carpet names after

Ratna Kambala – this name means a precious carpet. The Yakshini of this name grants the power to move objects.

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