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The 11th day after death

Does the Garuda Purana describe Out of body experience?

Mind is a field of bioenergy which surrounds the physical body. In addition, this field shrinks when one is depressed and expands when one is happy. Certainly, it dissipates when the mind exits from the body at the time of death. The spirit, with which this mind resides, is invited for a feast on the 11th day after death. In short, the experts in the art assemble a transitory energy body for the transiting mind. Firstly, they sustain this transitory body through the power of certain unique Mantras. Secondly, the emotional connection of a bereaving relative makes the transitory body appear more real to the departed mind. Lastly, a transiting psyche entertains a belief that the earth plane is its real home. This is like a guided out of body experience.

Garudas's conversation with Vishnu on the scope of out of body experience
Garudas’s conversation with Vishnu and list of Out of body experience

Food is one of the oldest impressions in the human psyche which stretches back to our evolution from lower life forms. Certainly, this impression sustains the bond between a transitioning psyche and its emotional past in the material domain. However, the feast on the 11th day after death severs this bond and the spirit remembers its free nature with the help of Mantras chanted at that time. Consequently, the spirit prepares itself for its onward journey to the domain of the ancestors on the 12th day. Literally, here ends its association with the body and therefore the possibility of an Out of body experience.

The size of a transmigrating psyche is the human thumb. This is in comparison with the bio-energy field of an alive human body. A transitory energy body is slightly larger, namely, palm sized. Firstly, the rituals to assemble this palm sized body relies on the bond between the psyche of the departed spirit and the who performs the rituals. Secondly, rituals which require strict adherence to rules, help shrink the rapidly dissipating energy field into a “make-believe” body. Awe and mystery surround these rules. Besides family elders emphasize an attitude of caution in these rituals.

Garuda’s conversation with Vishnu

Long ago, an intrigued Garuda sought explanations about these rules from Lord Vishnu. Rishi Veda Vyasa captured the essence of the dialogue between Garuda and Vishnu in the form of a Purana. Through symbolism and stories, the Garuda Purana explains the journey of the departed spirit. One can find many similarities between these and the recounts of those who an encounter an out of body experience. Here is a list of similar posts (2 min read) from my blog

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