A spider is known for its visual acuity. Spiders have a unique pair of eyes, one among several pairs of eyes. This pair can act like telescopes. Nature has endowed a spider with another amazing faculty in the form of its web. The web acts like a field of vibration. It enables a spider to “sense” the location of its prey with precision. It grants a spider sovereignty over its own web. In the same way, a human being relies on two types of perceptions, one from the level of senses and another from the level of feelings. A spider web can also teach us about the connection between cosmic rules and human entanglement.


Nature reminds us about the nature of consciousness through the example of the telescopic eye of a spider. Human consciousness too has two facets, namely, (a) perception which is anchored to the five senses and (b) the ability to sense with the help of feelings. The education system today is designed to develop the former. Sensory skills however squeeze our consciousness into a narrow field of perception. The spider’s precise telescopic vision too is narrow. Developing the skill to know without the help of the senses is important to tap into the full power of consciousness.

Buddhi and Bhava

Vedic texts call these two facets of awareness as “Buddhi” and “Bhava”. Both are needed to gain freedom. Either of them can create entanglement without the presence of the other. Therefore, entanglement seems to a human weakness. Nature on the other hand seems to have gifted the spider with more skills. Has it? Entanglement is not self-inflicted per Vedic texts. The cosmos runs on its own rules and not on the feelings of human being. Cosmic rules are represented as Devas. Per this idea, entanglement is the mischief of Varuna, the Deva of waters. Varuna is depicted holding a Pasha or a noose which is a symbol of entanglement. With his proverbial wink, Varuna reminds us of the easier way to gain freedom from entanglements. The easier way is through Surrender to the higher powers.

Spider web and human entanglement

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