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Spider’s web and Entanglement

What lessons does the spider web teach about entanglement? Is it true that the Pasha noose in the hands of Varuna Deva symbolizes Varuna’s power over entanglement?

A spider is known for its visual acuity. One among its several pairs of eyes is unique. This pair acts like a telescope. Nature has endowed a spider with another amazing faculty, namely, its web. For a spider, its web is literally like a field of vibration. A web enables a spider to “sense” the location (direction and distance) of its prey. Therefore, a web grants a spider sovereignty over its own web. Thus, a spider can “hone in”, with its telescopic vision, as well as sense of its surroundings without using its eyes.

We can say the same about a human being’s ability to perceive. We rely on two types of perceptions. Firstly, our senses bring us a definite view of surroundings. Secondly, we also rely heavily on our feelings. Sadly, today’s education system focusses on the development of the former. A dominant use of sensory skills can limit us from exercising the full potential of human consciousness. The precise telescopic eyes give a spider a narrow vision! A over reliance on our sensory perceptions is like it. Developing the skill to know without the help of the senses is crucial. A spider does it effectively by relying on the vibes from its wide net.

We can learn another a valuable lesson from a spider. This is about caution. A spider weaves its nest and skillfully avoids becoming entangled in it. It deftly avoids the sticky portions of the nest. We too create our own web, mentally. Then we become entangled in it because of our desires and emotions.

pider web, entanglement and Varuna Deva
Spider web, entanglement and Varuna Deva

Buddhi and Bhava

Vedic texts distinguish two facets of human awareness. They are “Buddhi” and “Bhava”. Buddhi depends on sensory inputs. On the other hand, Bhava is an ability to acknowledge one’s feelings. We need both to gain freedom from the negativity in the mind. Secondly, either one of them creates entanglement when the other is weak. Consequently, Entanglement seems inevitable because we lean more towards our Buddhi or the intellect. Nature may have gifted the spider with better. Has it?

Entanglement is not self-inflicted per Vedic texts. The cosmos runs on its own rules and not on the feelings of human being. Devas represent the universal rules in the Cosmos. Per this idea, entanglement is the mischief of Varuna, the Deva of waters. Varuna wields a Pasha or a noose as his weapon. The Pasha symbolizes entanglement. Alternately, the noose represents Varuna’s power to pull out anyone from entanglement.

Vedic Mantras refer often to Varuna’s proverbial wink. With it, Varuna reminds us of the easier way to gain relief from entanglements. The easier way is through Surrender to the higher powers in the universe.

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