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Birbal’s astronomy legacy

Birbal, the legendary court jester of Akbar’s court hails from the town of Kalapriya Nagari. This town is now Kalpi. Initially, the town got its name from an ancient Sun temple. The once reputed Sun Temple in is nowhere in sight today in Kalpi. Samba, the son of Sri Krishna built three Sun temples at right before the start of the Kali Era. The Sun temple at Konark is the most visited of the three today. Worship continued in the Sun Temple, in Multan, into the first half of the last century. Unfortunately, the Sun Temple in Kalpi is a mere memory, in history. Kalpi town hosted the mint of the rich Moghuls at the time of Akbar. This shows the importance of the region. The town’s people came under the ire of the British when Kalpi became an epicenter of several mutiny against the British. History about Kalpi Sun temple The history of this temple therefore goes back several

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