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Hiranya Garbha Suktam - Rik 6

Hiranya Garbha Suktam – Krandasi

The English word cry (Latin Critare) is related to the Sanskrit root Krandas (क्रन्दस्). Krandasi (pronounced Krandasee) is a unique word in the Vedas. It is derived from the root Krandas.  We find this word in a mysterious Rik mantra. This Rik is from the famous Hiranya-Garbha Suktam, dedicated to the supreme being who is a mystery. Hiranya Garbha refers to the cosmic egg which shines like gold (Hiranya). यं क्रन्द॑सी॒ अव॑सा तस्तभा॒ने अ॒भ्यैक्षे॑तां॒ मन॑सा॒ रेज॑मानेyaṃ krandasī avasā tastabhāne abhy aikṣetām manasā rejamāneयत्राधि॒ सूर॒ उदि॑तो वि॒भाति॒ कस्मै॑ दे॒वाय॑ ह॒विषा॑ विधेम ॥yatrādhi sūra udito vibhāti kasmai devāya haviṣā vidhema Rig Veda – 10th Mandala – 127th Suktam – 6th Rik Krandasi is a reference to the pair of Earth and heaven. Rik six of the Hiranya Garbha Suktam uses this word to highlight the conflict between the Earth and Heaven. Tumultuous screams (Kranda/क्रन्द) arise in a war when two factions mesh into each other. Such cries characterize the nature of the

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