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Nakshatra means Star?

The biophysical systems on the Earth subtly connect to the larger cosmos. Vedic Jyotish, the science of influences from space, explains this idea with the help of a few corollaries. Per the first corollary, any influence from the cosmos is directional. Secondly, any cosmic force needs a localized channel. Without a medium, no cosmic vibration can impact our planet. Thirdly, objects in our solar system are efficient channels. They are Grahas because of their ability to draw and direct influences. The moon is the most efficient among these Grahas because of its rapid transit in the sky through different directions. The Bhagavad Gita refers to the dynamism of the moon in verse with the phrase “ṇakṣhatrānnāṁ shashī” ( Nakshatranam Shashi ). But first, let us see a few examples. Gold under the Earth remains worthless until someone discovers it. Gold is a currency after coming out of a gold mine. Similarly, we become aware of our hidden talents once someone points them

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