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The Yantra of Shukra

Venus is one of the two inner planets of our solar system. It, therefore, does not swerve too far from the position of the Sun in the sky. Consequently, one can only see Venus close to the Eastern or the western horizon. Venus appears for a few weeks in the eastern sky before dawn. After a gap for few weeks, it appears in the western sky immediately after the dusk.  Anyone charting the positions of the visible locations of Venus, can stumble upon a startling discovery, namely, a Pentagon shape. Vedic astronomers specialized in pre-dawn and post-dusk observations. They made the Pentagon an integral part of the Yantra of Shukra or Venus. A magic square is also a part of the Yantras of the Navagrahas like Shukra. Astronomers recognize the above pattern as the five petals of Venus. Secondly, we can plot the relative rotations of the earth and Venus using astronomy software. We can notice five petals over eight

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