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Idol worship

Those who are against paganism can find Hinduism confusing. Certainly, Hinduism supports idol worship but that is not all. Hinduism caters to the psychologist maturity level of the worshipper. Let us understand this. A Sanskrit poem from the Agni Purana presents a simple context to worship modalities in Hinduism. Any intellectual in India could quote this poem two or three generations ago. The poem explains the thought process behind tying worship choice to psychological maturity. अप्सु देव मनुष्याणाम् दिवि दिवा मणीषिणाम् | बालानाम् काष्ठ लोष्टिषु बुध्दस्य आत्मनि देवता || Agni Purana – modes of worship Water bodies are sacred Famous pilgrimage centers in India are on riverbanks. Firstly, every sacred river has at least one ancient temple. Secondly, large temples in the South which are away from any rivers have a sacred temple-pond. Society revered water resources. Even the uneducated kept waste away from these sacred water bodies. The sacred water-pot Any Hindu Puja ritual begins with a sacred water-pot

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