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Why is the Zone of Avoidance associated with Mitra?

There is a delicate balance between forces of affinity (Mitra) and of the freedom to expand (Varuna). This balance keeps everything in place in the universe. Mitra-Varuna device as described in the Agastya Samhita is known popularly as the “Baghdad Battery”. This device also illustrates the complementary natures of Mitra and Varuna. Rishis cognized the play of the Devatas, universal impulses, in every field of existence. Certainly, astronomy is an important science in the Vedic tradition. Rishis therefore assigned different regions of the sky to different Devatas. Besides, they assigned them based on cognizing unique phenomenon in these regions. An example of this excellent cognition is the “Zone of Avoidance” or the “Great Attractor” They assigned the region close to the galactic center, in the tightly packed galactic bulge, to Mitra Devata. Secondly. stars in this region have to move delicately. They have to avoid the gravitational pull from other stars in such close vicinity. The Vedic name of the

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