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Nivid Mantras are Riddles

Nivid Mantras are riddles What are Nivid Mantras? How do some of these represent the numbers of Devas to be 33? Nivids are a class of Vedic mantras. Some Indologists believe Nivids to predate the other mantras in the Vedas. The performers of the Soma Yagna remember this story even today. According to the story, a complex Yagya hid itself from the Devas. Therefore, the Devas performed a simpler fire ritual. However, towards the end of the Yagna they realized that they could remember the steps for the complex Yagna. Consequently, they announced their success through the Nivid mantras. Nivids are expressions of wonder. Secondly, they contain the word “Aho”. Thirdly, Nivids express hints about the secret workings of the universe. Certainly, we can use Nivids to decode important Vedic mantras. Nivids are named after Devas. Indologists made a special note of the Nivids of Vishe Devas. These Nivids give the number of Vedic Gods in the form of a riddle. It says that

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