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Nitric Oxide and Siddhars

Siddhars knew a few secrets about Nitrogen, which modern science has just begun to explore. Three scientists, Robert F. Furchgott, Louis J. Ignarro, and Ferid Murad, received the Nobel Prize in 1998 for a discovery about Nitrogen. They discovered the importance of nitric oxide as an essential signaling agent in the cardiovascular system. Centuries ago, Siddhars cognized the vital connection between the body’s chakra system and the assimilation of bioavailable Nitrogen (Nitric Oxide) from the air we breathe. Chakras supply the body with a unique type of energy, the Prana Vayu. This energy differs from that coming from the air we breathe. Oxygen from the air provides vital energy called ATP to every cell in the body. Prana Vayu circulates throughout the body as oxygen does. Siddhars say that the lungs receive one and a half kilos of Prana Vayu from the blood to draw 525 grams of bioavailable oxygen from the air. The lungs also draw an equal amount

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