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Agastya’s Turtle Formula for attaining Siddhis

Agastya addresses Pulastya, one of his students, in this verse. He calls Pulastya as Parthibha, a word which commonly denotes a king. The know from the final line of this verse that Agastya is describing the path to gain the wealth of Ashtanga. Ashtanga here may refer to the eight Tantrik Siddhis. Agastya’s path towards these Siddhis however differs from the path of a Tantrik. Agastya says that Siddhis manifest effortlessly for one who has attained Kailasa Nidhi, the supreme bliss. The ultimate goal, therefore, according to this verse is uniting with supreme consciousness which is Shiva consciousness. Kailasa is the abode of Shiva consciousness. The word Kailasa itself means only (Kai) joy (Lasa). Agastya strangely takes the search for Kailasa through Patala, the nether worlds.  Different domains are not elsewhere but right here. Agastya says that Patala appears inside this Earth to the one who is clairvoyant. Clairvoyance here is a perception of the subtle aspects of this creation.

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Guru Tradition flourished in Dravidian lands

Tamil traditions recognize Sage Agastya as an important Siddha. Both stories and astronomical clues attest to Agastya’s antiquity. Agastya’s tamil works have been better preserved than his works in Sanskrit. They may contains many gems which maybe the missing links in the presently available Vedic literature. Agastya Paripooranam is one of Agastya’s tamil works. He elaborates in it the need for a Guru and the benefit of having a Sadguru. This was not much difference between the attitude to one’s Guru between the Dravidian and the Vedic traditions at the time of Sage Agastya. Reducing mental chatter and cultivating the skill to quieten the mind are goals of a Yogi. In the second verse below, Agastya tells us that this ability comes only with the grace of the Guru. With that ability all other talents start maturing. Silence as an important link is implicit in Vedic literature. Agastya makes it explicit. ======================================================================“Maturity is needed to consult volumes of scriptures. Life

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