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Bhramari and Nitric Oxide

Scientists published a finding a few year ago about the power of the paranasal sinus cavities. These cavities supply nitric oxide to the human body, especially when the air in the passage oscillates. Humming is a good way to get the air to oscillate in the sinus cavities. Nitric Oxide is an essential chemical for our wellbeing. This important chemical allows blood, nutrients and oxygen to be delivered efficiently all over the body. A lack of this chemical can lead to diabetes and heart diseases. Recently, a pharma company has initiated clinical trials on Nitric Oxide spray as a preventative solution for Covid-19. Because humming benefits Nitric Oxide, it is obvious that the Yoga technique Bhramari must also be.

Bhramari means the humming Bee

Yogis practice Bhramari or the humming-bee breath. Secondly, people knew about this breath for millennia in India. It s a powerful technique to calm the nervous system. This breath is named after the divine mother. She used the power of bees to vanquish an Asura named Aruna. Brahma, the creator, gave this Asura a boon, earlier. Therefore, neither bipeds nor quadrupeds. could kill the Asura. Vishnu once explained the nature of the divine mother to Vyasa who sought to know about it. The divine mother is Bhramari because her seed mantra is “Hrim”. However, no one can understand her full powers. She can draw her powers from any aspect of nature. Vishnu narrated the Asura Aruna story to Vyasa as an illustration of this fact.

The power of sound vibrations

Many people know the significance of the sound “Om”. Fewer people know about the sound “Hrim” which is the seed mantra of the divine mother. Om is the vibratory representation of existence and Hrim is the representation of nature’s intelligence. The divine mother can unleash the fury of nature, as illustrated by the story of Aruna. However, a Yogi can harness the power of Hrim and raise his spiritual vibrations high enough to escape the limits of the human body as imposed by nature. In modern parlance, we can simplify this as Bhramari and therefore humming benefits Nitric Oxide.

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  1. Sukanya Avatar

    Bhramari is such a simple and practical technique, Knowing the significance helps us to practice with clarity and conviction.

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