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The last common ancestors of Snakes and Birds is a species called Diapsida. Firstly, snakes are the earliest surviving descendants per this phylogeny. However birds are only the newest! Rishi Kashyap is the progenitor of all species per Purana stories. One story from the Puranas talk about the rivalry between two sisters Vinata and Kadru who married Kashyap. Kadru was the mother of the Naga. However, she was envious of Vinata, the mother Garuda, the king of birds. Let us look at the genesis of the Garuda and Naga Panchami festival.

phylogeny chart illustrates the connection between Garuda and Naga

Hindu festivals borrow themes from such stories. These festivals highlight certain aspect of human nature or principles in creation. People honor the role of Snakes in the ecosystem during the annual festival of Naga Panchami. Surprisingly, the same day is also Garuda Panchami. Certainly, this festival borrows from the story of Kadru and Vinata. It is celebrated on the fifth day after the new moon in late July and early August.

Vinata and Kadru story

Kadru challenged Vinata about an aspect of a celestial horse. She claimed the tail of the snow white colored celestial horse to be black. In addition, she sent one of the Naga sons to wrap his black body around the tail of the celestial horse. Certainly, a confident Vinata accepted Kadru’s challenge. Besides, she agreed to become a servant of Kadru if she lost the challenge. However, she realized Vinata’s trickery a bit too late. After a some time, Garuda won back the freedom for his mother. He did this by bringing Amrita, the nectar of deathlessness to Kadru.

The real meaning of Nag Panchami and Garuda Panchami

A Naga is a principle which cloaks secret knowledge. Therefore, Nagas are the gaurdians of treasure. The Shastra texts explain symbolism in stories. Per Shastras, There is a connection between Nagas and medicinal administration. Matters of of surgery, and rebirth are under the purview of Nagas. Secondly, the fifth day after a new moon is a day of fullness. Nag Panchami occurs in the monsoon season because rivers and other water bodies have an affinity with the Naga principle. This is a special day to gain the blessings of Nagas.

Creation consists of pairs of opposites like Garuda and Naga. Every species in creation carries a certain benevolent vibration. Certainly, this law applies even to specifies which appear to be adversarial to each other. The idea of benevolence encourages everyone in society to revere everything in nature.


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