A May 13 Ardra Trailblazer

Today is the Vedic birthday of the spiritual master Sri Sri Ravishankar who was born on May 13, 1956. He was born under the Asterism or the Nakshatra Ardra per Panchang, the Hindu Calendar, Therefore, SriSri shares the characteristics of renowned social reformers of the Vedic tradition. Shankaracharya and Ramanujacharya. were also born on Ardra Nakshatra.

Nakshatra Ardra is ruled by Rudra Devata. Rudra acts like a sonic boom. Rudra shakes up status-quo by creating a type of turbulence which ushers in a benevolent change. SriSri is a mover and a shaker. He is a jet-set traveler. Humanity has benefited from his travels in several ways. As a peace maker, he is dear to folk from all religious backgrounds. As a spiritual teacher he infuses a spirit of service in the minds of people, especially youngsters.

Sri Sri Ravishankar the Jet-Set Guru

The sages of Yore gifted humanity with pearls of wisdom. Eons ago, they cognized these pearls in deep meditations. The land of the Sages and Rishis however faced several challenges in the past. Those preserving the Vedas are facing new issues in the recent past. Secondly, younger generation of Indians began to reject traditions and customs due to a proper lack of understanding about them. Fortunately, the tide is turning slowly recently. Secondly. they are understanding the scientific basis for the knowledge in the Vedas. SriSri introduces these topics in his talks and writings, In addition, SriSri plays key role in reviving Ayurveda, the science of Health, as complement to modern medicine. His educational institutions bring the best blend of the East and the West to youngsters. In summary, SriSri, the Ardra Nakshatra born, is a jet-set Rishi, the Happiness Guru to millions around the world.

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