A delicate balance between forces of affinity (Mitra) and of freedom to expand (Varuna) keeps everything in balance. Mitra-Varuna device as described in Aghastya Samhita is known popularly as the “Baghdad Battery”. This device is illustrates the complementary natures of Mitra and Varuna. Rishis cognized the play of the Devatas, universal impulses, in every field of existence as they knewn to them then. Astronomy was an important science in the Vedic tradition. Rishis therefore assigned different regions of the sky to different Devatas based on the unique phenomenon that came to their attention in their meditative state of consciousness. They used 27 such divisions for the purpose of tracing and predicting the movement of luminaries in the sky.

They assigned the region close to the galactic center, in the tightly packed galactic bulge, to Mitra Devata where stars have to move delicately while avoiding the gravitational pull from other stars in such close vicinity. The Vedic name of the region, namely Anuradha’ suggests it to be an area peripheral to an area where the effect of gravity is total. Another phenomenon in this direction, which scientists call as the “Great Attractor” or the “Zone of Avoidance” makes us marvel at the intelligent design in the Vedas.

The “Great Attractor” had remained a mystery to scientists since the 70s and the 80s. Scientists suspected that something with the gravity equivalent to a million billion suns was pulling our galaxy in that direction. Scientists had hither to not been able to map the objects in this direction of space as the massive central region of our own galaxy had acted as a shield to the view beyond. Using innovative technologies on the Parkes Radio telescope a team of scientists from Australia, the US and the Netherlands have now been able to map the far side of our galaxy. They know now that the combined pull from 883 hidden galaxies is the reason for the speed (2 million Km/hour) with which the Milky Way galaxy keeps moving in the direction of the Zone of Avoidance.

Mitra is associated with Sunrise and Varuna with Sunset. Sunset is the time for beings to retire from activity. Relaxation does not happen unless the mind lets go and expands itself. On the other hand, everything in the mind needs to come towards consolidation to produce the alertness necessary for one to go through the day’s commitments. Mitra and Varuna are thus considered, respectively, to be the controllers of the state of mind in the morning and the evening.


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