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Mark Beniof the CEO of Sales Force Inc, commenting about what Steve Jobs may have expected from the current management of Apple Inc, described the brown box which Steve Jobs had planned to be distributed to those attending his memorial service. Inside the box was a note “Actualize yourself…” and a copy of the book Autobiography of a Yogi. Paramahamsa Yogananda, the author of the book, brought the knowledge of self realization to the west based upon the instructions of his Guru Sri Yukteshwar.

An education system that avoids discussing wisdom behind native traditions, combined with the Indian media’s obsession with fallen Gurus continues to distance the educated class in India from concept of Self realization. An educated Indian mind often imagines the path of Self Realization to be either towards an existence of solitude in the Himalayas or as a trap laid by a scheming Godman. Living midst the ultimate land of spirituality in the world their minds restlessly look answers to questions about creation and existence.

Different prescriptions have existed for the path of Self Realization over the millennium, some are meant for those wanting to engage more efficiently in life and some are for those seeking the solitude of the forest. The former is as applicable today as it was for the ancient king Janaka.  Janaka, an emperor became more successful with administering his kingdom after becoming enlightened by the guidance of his Guru Ashtavakra. A CEO of today can learn to tune out the mental chatter and to fine tune decision making skills with the help of Self Realization. Beniof’s message to the current management of Apple is that in many ways they are still trying to be him (Jobs). Instead, they just need to be who they are truly.

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