About 30 days after doing the techniques very regularly, I just got so happy for no reason. And I hadn't experienced that in a long time

Phillip Mertz  Investment Manager

I have been looking for this for 15 years! The techniques are truly a gift. When I practice them regularly, I feel great no matter what has happened during the day

Charlotte Puls  Lawyer

Within three days I started experiencing a deep shift within myself from anxiousness to peace, from sadness to joy. As each day progresses, I find myself more and more centered in the joy and clarity of a calm and peaceful existence

Glouglas Haig CEO

After 90 days of doing this, I felt my stress was markedly reduced, and now I would not stop doing it, because I would not want to revert to the levels of stress I had at the time

Joe Rod Cardiologist

Art of Living offers the most complete meditation experience. It's not just an app and not just a course. It's all of that plus so much more.

I used to be so tense. I'd be getting so angry, shouting, screaming, pushing around to get my orders through. Now when I realize I'm getting tense I just breathe and I calm down. I realize that I'm much more focused and much more productive.

Mawahib Shaibani Financial advisor

I felt a huge change in my whole body. After almost three years and nothing working, a simple breathing technique had just changed my life. I now feel amazing. I'm back to the old me and I see the world differently.

Maddy King Model