Close to 200 scripts derive from the original Brahmi script

The Brahmi Character set consists of 64 Symbols


Most Sanskrit texts are printed using Devanagari Script today

Devanagari script has 49 characters

33 Devas

Devanagari is a subset of Brahmi in terms of sounds associated with alphabets. Each of its 49 characters represent the 49 Maruts

Devanagari is so named because 33  of its characters represent 33 unique sound vibrations of 33 Devas,

Dots & Dashes

The Veda talks about a dots and dashes notation

Brahmi has a similarity with the Morse code. Dots and Dashes can represent its 64 characters

स ऋण चिदृणया ब्रह्मणस्पतिर् दृहो हन्तमह ऋतस्य धर्तरि

The Maruts are Vayu's assistants. They are 49 in number. The Devanagari script contains 49 symbols in their honor.

Indra split the words in the Vedas 3 ways. The 3 parts are, a prefix, a root and a suffix. Indra's helper in this task was Vayu.

वाग्वै पराच्य व्याकृतावद् ते देवा इन्द्रम् अब्रुवन् इमाम्न्नो वाचम् व्याकुर्विति

The first Grammar system is therefore attributed to Indra. The first discreet sounds (alphabets) are attributed to the Maruts, the helpers of Vayu.

The Vedas remained difficult to decipher because they resonated without a break.