Santa Clara Valley water resources have something common with rivers in south India.
The Santa Clara Valley basin allows very little rain water to percolate into the huge underground aquifer. There is hard clay right beneath the basin surface. Water engineers have therefore built most of the recharge ponds and dams around the edge of the valley which has sandy gravel.
The surface in catchment areas of rivers like Kaveri in India turned hard after the trees there were cut. Rain water has not reached the aquifers for the past 2-3 decades. This causes rivers to dry up quicker after the moonsoon rains.
Smart geologists have now designed recharge wells with the help of satellite images in river catchment areas. Hardworking volunteers have built thousands of recharge ponds with the help of villagers in the catchment areas of 33 rivers in south India over the past few months. This is smart work!
Support River Rejuvination work! Sponsor a recharge pond and bring back the water into the aquifers. Join the fund raiser for River Rejuvination work on May 19th at ICC, Milpitas, CA. The fund raiser event is being organized by OVBI.

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