Google celebrates the birth of the modern storage battery with a neat doodle dedicated to Volta, the inventor of battery technology.  Mark Holmes the creator of the doodle explains 
Experimenting with different metals and solutions, Volta ended up creating the first electric battery: the Voltaic Pile, a stack of alternating metal discs separated by cardboard and cloth soaked with seawater”

From the above statement it is clear that Volta was experimenting with different solutions. Doesn’t it suggest that the knowledge of storing electric energy existed before his time? Based on widely available literature, Volta’s friend Galvani attributed the movement in the limbs of a frog during dissection to electricity produced within the body of animals. Volta intuited the jerk in the limbs of a frog to the contact with a metal which causes electricity to discharge. Volta took this idea further and experimented with different metals.
Agasthya generating electricity
Archaeologists unearthed storage batteries in the middle east, couple of decades ago. They named them as the “Baghdad Battery”, The construction of the Baghdad Battery has been elaborated in an ancient Indian text attributed to the sage Agastya. Agastya Samhita finds reference in almost every speculation related to lost civilizationsExperts who understand Sanskrit used at that time have provided some detailed explanations. In principle this ancient text describes the construction of an electric battery using metals and also talks about connecting hundreds of them together. Makes one wonder if the Storage battery is just 270 years old?

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