Bhaskara-II’s works Lilavati and Bijaganit were used for 700 years in India to teach arithmetic and algebra in schools until the time of the British. One reason for the widespread use of Bhaskara-II’s works may be the fact that he presented math problems from everyday situations – measuring grain, cutting wood, estimating bricks for a wall, measuring the heights of tall objects, …

The fact that Bhaskara-II has included problems related to estimating the size of a Pond and for estimating the time it would take for many streams to fill a pond shows that elementary education 900 years back inculcated water management awareness. A tradition of step wells is seen in India from the time of Harappan civilization well into 20th century. Experts today have a much better sense for how simple knowledge about the environment was applied in creating efficient water bodies.

Here is a clips related to water management in historic India

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